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Monday, August 28, 2017

This blog post is long over due. Not by a couple months, no, I'm talking back in October last year. Yeah, nearly a year on. Honestly, I don't know where this year has gone. Before you go in at me for leaving it one whole year before I finally wrote this post hear me out. Back last year when I attended an event at the Emmerdale Studio Experience I was in a weird phase of blogging. I didn't have the inspriration or the motivation to sit down and type up blog posts like there's no tomorrow. Don't get me wrong I hadn't really fallen out of love with it I just didn't know what to post. I didn't want to post anything to do with beauty because I had no new products or current products that I was using for that matter that I wanted to talk about. I started writing lifestyle posts last year just to see if I could actually write them and make them sound interesting and amazingly I actually enjoyed them. Blogging is a sort of diary of some sorts and sometimes it's so good to get your feelings out in a blog post. Don't get me wrong I still love make up (probably even more so this year that ever) and I still love the beauty posts or many of the other genres but I prefer to write lifestyle ones myself. And that was hard when there wasn't really that much lifestyle wise to talk about. Or there was I suppose but I didn't wanna talk about it on my blog.

Anyway, let's get into the actual topic of this blog post. I did actually start typing it up when I got home the day after but because I was in my blogging rut I couldn't even get once sentence to make sense so here I am, nearly a year later, FINALLY typing it up. So back last October, Bridie was invited to the Emmerdale Studio Experience blogger event and there was room for a lil plus 1 so I obviously jumped at the chance. It was actually a manic day because I was in work, I luckily managed to get an early finish and I had no choice but get ready at work which was fun when you're dressed up for an event and everyone is looking at you looking wondering why you're all dressed up at a play centre. I practically ran for the train and I had a mini panic thinking I wasn't going to make it for the start of the tour but luck must of been on my side because I made it just in time. Me and Bridie was probably more excited than anyone else who was on the tour but us Emmerdale fans gotta represent haven't we. We first had a catch up in the café before we was taken into a room with a very cinematic feel and shown a clip of various iconic scenes from Emmerdale over the years. Being avid fans we recognised pretty much every single scene. No shame.

We was then taken onto the next stage of the tour which showed exactly how scenes basically come about. Until you see storylines coming to life, littles doodles of scenes and small models of those scenes you don't realise how much actually goes into each scene, down to exactly where the character will be standing. We then made our way through to the costume department. The outfits immediately were recognisable to those who have watched Emmerdale recently. There was also props to the side, each belonging to different characters in the show, some also instantly recognisable and easily matched with their characters.

Next up was the dressing room in which all the make up is applied to cast members. A fair amount of time is spent in the dressing room, getting each actor into their character and ready for what scene they will be filming. A few secrets were spilled and I think I can safely say I don't think anyone was shocked at finding out the boys take longer than the girls in the dressing room!

We then made our way into a long corridor with one wall of shelves with an array of items from over the years. If you looked really closely you could spot little hidden gems that your eyes aren't immediately drawn to. One of them being Donna Windsor's order of service. Her death still makes me emotional to this day so let's quickly move on. Amongst these little trinkets were also signs that have been used in the show previously and continue to be used, including a sign for Hotten Crown Court. Which in true soap form is a constantly reoccurring sign. It's interesting to see how many props they actually use and how many little details are added into each scene, down to little random trinkets that match up to the characters personality. You don't realise when watching from your couch at home how much detail is added!

We was then taken to the editorial part of the tour starting off with an exact replica of Bernice's Salon. This is where we had the chance to have a play around with the lighting to see which lighting works best for certain scenes. The actual sets look so much bigger in real life compared to how small they look on screen. Being able to change the lighting to see what affect it gave on certain areas of the set, being able to see different camera angles and getting the chance to record our own video message (Which my awkward soul didn't take part in) is a really great insight into how much time and skill is putting into editing each scene for us then to see the the final, clean, end product on TV.

Now onto probably my favourite part of the tour. The iconic Dingle house. The Dingle family is one of the most popular families on the show who you can't help put love each member of Dingle family no matter they're history. The Dingle clan are known for their many illegal ventures, punch ups and over all bad luck where ever they go. But there's not denying this iconic living room is such a cosy and loveable area were most Dingle crisis meetings take place. This particular set is exactly like it's shown on the TV. All mismatched, no theme will be seen in this particular living room but it looks so lived in, comfy and cosy, kinda like if you ever needed to get away you could come up to Lisa's and just plonk yourself down on the couch with that well loved rainbow throw.

We was then directed to a room which was full of props that help create some of the special affects that have been shown in the show. This is to enhance the scene, to enhance the emotions of not only the characters but for us viewers at home. After we was shown how some machines work, to enhance those feelings. We was then shown a video which included some of those iconic scenes in which these special affects helped to create the suspense in those scenes and keep the audience gripped. They showed the iconic underwater Woolpack siege, the helicopter crash and the multi car pile up crash last October. These big story lines are the ones that require more equipment and all the props you can imagine to create those emotions and feelings that the show want us to feel when watching those particular scene.

It had then come to the end of the tour and we was guided into a replica of The Woolpack. It was so weird to sit, have a drink and eating samples of fish and chips and various other little bits exactly were some of my favourite characters have sat many of times. All good things have to come to an end and what better way than to end it by having a little pit stop at David's shop full off all the Emmerdale & Yorkshire goodies. As always I tell myself I won't spend any money on things I don't need but I ended up walking out of the shop with the warmest fleece I will ever own along with a postcard of the Emmerdale Village and some fudge for my mum. We also was given a little goody bag which was a lovely thing to receive!

Thanks so much to Nikki for inviting us and giving us dedicated fans a chance a real insight into how much goes into creating Emmerdale and some of those scenes we've come to know and love. It is 100% worth the visit and I will definitely be returning, hopefully sometime soon. If you're looking to visit the Studio Experience visit for more information.

P.S I do apologise for the HUGE delay on this blog post but I hope you liked reading about my experience at the the Studio Experience! Now I'm off to catch up on some TV, over and out. 
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