October Blues

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Yes this is me, actually uploading a blog post. I know, shocking right?! While everyone else is attending firework displays, I'm sat indoors, with the fire on, catching up on Most Haunted's Halloween Special. Rock and Roll. To be fair, I'm not feeling 100% so being in front of the fire, all nice and warm is heaven right now. 

It feels so weird writing a post actually because it was August the last time I posted on my blog. I've just not felt like blogging, I've had things to blog about but just not been able to put into words when I've come to type it up. As every blogger knows, it's so frustrating when you feel motivated and inspired but then nothing what you type makes sense and you end up throwing a strop and sitting in front of the TV annoyed with everything and anything. 

So much has happened in the month of October that I couldn't not write a post about it. By the title of this post you can tell I'm already missing the month of October. So many more memories were created and they was all spent with my best friends. 

Kicking off the month of October was a gig of a previous X-Factor contestant, Jake Quickenden. We originally planned it for us to go out and do something which wasn't Emmerdale related but in the end we had such a good night. Many laughs were shared, many tears shed and many hugs received. It's weird, but I felt it brought us all that little bit closer together.

Only a couple of days later some of us (the idiots that we are) decided to go and support Emmerdale at the Inside Soap Awards in London. 5 of us mega bussed it, spreading ourselves out on the back row, no doubt annoying the hell out of all the other passengers. It also gave us the excuse to go visit London, something that we don't get to do. In the end only a few of the Emmerdale cast attended the awards but us fans went to represent and we ended up on Emmerdale's Twitter page (please don't ask). Although, hello I'm famous (insert sassy emoji). 

The month of October also brought my first blogger event! Events and the like what come along with being a blogger are non existent with me, but I was kindly invited by Bridie as her plus one to the Emmerdale Studio Experience Exclusive Blogger Event. Never did I think my two worlds would collide, but they did and I got to spend it with 3 people I've met through the show. Such a special evening, for that reason alone. There will be an entire blog post dedicated to the event very soon.

Speaking of soaps, Emmerdale had their Super Soap Week a couple of weeks ago and if you didn't watch it, you definitely missed out. I often think soaps especially, the likes of Emmerdale are dismissed as old people's programmes, something pensioners watch before they go to bed but it's so much more than that. And soap week 100% proved that. The acting was even more phenomenal than it usually is and they filmed the whole week with different, high quality cameras, giving the whole lead up and the aftermath a cinematic feel. I personally felt like I was watching a film rather than a soap set in Yorkshire that definitely doesn't have the Hollywood budget. I was an emotional mess throughout the entire week and tbh I'm still not fully recovered.

Tying up the end of October was Halloween weekend. The weekend myself and my friends had been planning for, for months. The night was made memorable for so many reasons, but the main one being spending the night in a room full of of such brave and inspirational people. Halloween for me, is usually spent working and then coming home and dreading the amount of children who may knock on the door. So getting to spend it at a charity event, raising a lot of money that will help so many families, made this Halloween the best one yet. 

Now I'm off to mourn October and watch documentaries on Netflix. Over and Out.

What made you happy this month?
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