From England To Turkey, And Back

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Guys, I'm back! The family and I travelled to Antalya in Turkey for a lil' week away and some much needed sun and relaxation. We stayed at the Voyage Belek Golf&Spa Resort and it was SO beautiful. It was a huge resort and there was plenty to do, from bowling, mini golf and there was even a few water slides on the resort. We even had a beach on our door step. Like hello? Paradise calling. So, if you wanna have a little nosy at my pictures, keep scrolling!

Unfortunately we was all ill for the majority of the holiday so it put a huge damper on the holiday. But we're all okay, I came back with a tan and a love for peach flavoured drinks, so lyf is good. I do regret just staying on the resort and not venturing outside and visiting the markets and the shops. If we would of been there longer than a week or we hadn't of been ill we would of definitely explored more.

It was so hot, the kinda hot that when you're sunbathing by the pool and you just get comfy, start reading your book or listen to some music and then the sweat starts dripping down your face. Waiters every so often would come round (on roller blades may I add, how freaking cool) with mocktails which were SO refreshing. We went all inclusive, which we haven't done for years and tbh it wasn't the best decision we've made as a family. We love eating out so being on holiday and getting to visit the various restaurants is what we love. But it was the same food all day, everyday... literally. And there's only so many times a girl can each chips for dinner and tea for 7 days. Yes... I said that. So although I loved the sun and not having to turn the work alarm off, I couldn't wait to get home, to my own bed, english good and home comforts.

I'm not as sad about being back in England as I probable should be, due to seeing a huge group of friends on Saturday to go see our fave (Danny Miller) and a few other famous faces play footie, all in the name of charity! So that has made coming home a lot easier.

And on that note, I'm going to sign off, try to recover from tonight's Emmerdale episode (holy hell what an ep) and catch up on the TV I missed! Over and out.

2 comments on "From England To Turkey, And Back"
  1. Ooh it looks so pretty! That pool looks HUGE! Wishing I had a bit of sun aha.

  2. Wooow your pictures look so lovely. Now I wanna go there so badly. Duh!

    Love, Kerstin