Dear Diary: Once Upon A Smile & Friends

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I debated whether to post this post or not. I'd class myself as a lifestyle blogger, who blogs about a variety of things. So that obviously includes life posts, what I do behind the scenes or talking about what I got up to one particular day. I've watched Emmerdale for years but I just never tweeted about it, thinking no-one was interested and that no-one loved Emmerdale as much as I do. How wrong was I??? Me and Bridie have been friends ever since The Wanted came about and low and behold, she started tweeting about Emmerdale and I finally found someone who I could talk about it with. And then the lovely Liz, a fellow Emmerdale stan randomly tweeted me after noticing one of my tweets (probably my tweets about Emmerdale). Can you believe she lives in the same town as me?! We literally live 20 minutes away from each other, CRAY CRAY. So through knowing Liz she told me about a charity football match that some other fans were going to, asked me if I wanted to go and to see if Bridie would be interested. And as cliche as it sounds, the rest is history.

So on Saturday, Danny Miller (who plays Aaron) hosted one of many charity matches for Once Upon A Smile. A charity that him and Daniel Jillings founded back in 2011, you can find out more about OUAS here. Before the match, a group chat was created with all the people who was going on the day, so we could all chat beforehand and we soon adopted the name d squad. And little did I know this group of people would become my closest and best friends. We all met on for the first time on Saturday and it honestly felt like we had been friends for 20 years and had decided to meet up for a coffee. 

The whole day was just a crazy whirl wind of meeting friends, meeting and making new friends. And the most important part was that everyone who bought a ticket, who watched the match or the people who took photos spreading the word of OUAS, contributed to raising money for charity. And it's such a great feeling knowing in some way you contributed to such a great cause, while having a great time with friends. So many cute little moments happened on Saturday and since and tbh I could write a whole other blog post on it but I won't bore you will all the details! 

It really warms my heart how much time Danny spent with everyone on Saturday. Making sure everyone had photos and taking time to do some videos for fans who couldn't be there. Not many celebs these days will do that, spend so much time with their fans, thanking us all for coming all that way and thanking us for supporting something that's so close to their heart. You can tell how much love Danny has for his fans and I'm so grateful as of many other people will be.

So that was my short version of what happened on Saturday and I'll be seeing him again along with a few of my friends this Sunday. If you want to keep updated, follow me over on Twitter @ inthelifeofhan! Now, I'm off to eat pizza and watch Eat Well For Less. Over and out. 
2 comments on "Dear Diary: Once Upon A Smile & Friends"
  1. I spotted your tweets about meeting him and it sounds like you had such a good day! Always good when you meet celebs and they are nice and not disappointingly rude!

    1. It was such a good day! It's very rare as well to meet a celeb who is so nice!