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Thursday, June 30, 2016

It's that time of year again were people are jetting off to different countries around the world, which means bloggers and youtubers alike are posting what they take in their carry on, weather it's their random or beauty essentials. I absolutely love reading or watching videos of what others put in their hand luggage, it always reminds me to pack something or to buy that product I've been wanting to try for months! There's something about watching travel videos and finding out new tips and tricks that gets me in the holiday mood and then I realise I'm packing like a month in advance! 

Seen as I'm going away on Tuesday, I thought it was about time that I posted about what I put in my hand luggage (and this blog is long over due a new blog post). 

I find when I'm holiday, I read more than I do throughout the whole year. Whether it's because obviously when you're at home, you're either in work or doing something else and you're always busy, whereas on holiday it's the perfect time to chill and read like 10 books in a week. So obviously I have to carry a book (or two) in my hand luggage. I love reading pretty much all genre's but there's just something about happy, set in summer books that are just the perfect read when you're on holiday. And when it's about baking as well, what more can you want? Although I love reading, sometimes I need a break so my ds will be coming on holiday with me. I bought the the 3ds xl ds in pink the other month and I'm obsessed with it. Playing all the old games I used to love when I was kid! (Nintendogs to be exact). I also bought the cutest princess case for it to go in. Which I won for a fiver thanks to Ebay!

Airports are a stressful place to be anyway so the last you want when you're searching for something in your bag is for you to get tangled up in all your chargers and cables. This is why this year I'm putting them all in one bag so they're all together and so I can look slightly more organised. This pretty make up bag by the lovely Fleur is the perfect size to put all my chargers and spare batteries that'll I'll need the plane journey. 

An essential part of going anywhere on a plane is obviously your passport so I'll be keeping mine safe in my Lisa Angel travel wallet which I bought last year and absolute love. It fits all your travel documents that you'll need and keeps them all in one place, which can save a lot of stress! Plus it's so pretty and instagramable (so ya know, win win really). 

I'll also be taking by beloved Olympus camera with me to snap pictures everywhere I go. I can't wait to put this camera to the ultimate test and see how could the quality is, as I've only used it previously to take blog photos indoors. I love how I can take pictures and then get them sent straight to my phone, which makes it so much easier and it means I can upload photos straight to Instagram or Twitter without waiting to come home and upload them!

I've also bought a couple of new things that I will also be taking on holiday with me. This Fossil purse I bought for around £24.00 because it was on sale. BARGAIN! It works well as clutch, so it will be perfect to use at night. I also bought these beautiful Quay sunglasses and they arrived the other day and o m g, I just lavvv them. So pretty and Instagram worthy. I'll definitely get my use out of these!

Well, that's it for another year. Although a few magazines may find their way into my bag once I'm at the airport and no doubt my bank balance will be crying after duty free but then after a 5 hour plane journey, I'll be sipping cocktails in the sun so who's winning? 

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and it helped you maybe remember something you forgot to pack! If you've wrote a similar post, link me below!
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