May Beauty Buys

Thursday, May 19, 2016

You could say that I'm a make up addict. You know you when you might hashtag your insta picture using the make up addict tag and shrug it off like 'yeah I'm totally not an addict pfft' but you actually are?? Well that's me. It's becoming a real problem, to the point my one draw of make up is now spreading into other draws and soon that won't be enough. I need one of those blogger white stand draws (you know which ones I mean). It's the eyeshadow palettes that get me. They lure me in and then I can't stop thinking about them, no matter how many times I try to save money or tell myself I don't need another eyeshadow palette that has the exact same shades I have in at least 5 of my current palettes. But I then find myself convincing myself that I need the palette and the next thing I know I just bought another palette. I often justify beauty purchases by telling myself I can blog about them... Oops? 

As you can gather I've bought some more make up and yes they are eyeshadow palette's but there's also a blusher/bronzer palette in there so it's totally justifiable right? I mean the benefit palette was an absolute bargain!! I'm not even sorry because they are so pretty and just ugh a beauty blogger's dream. You've probably seen these palettes floating around the internet and if you haven't well WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN?

Ive recently tried the Sweet Peach and omg it's a dream. It took all the will power when they arrived not to try them out there and then because one I hadn't had a chance to take photos (blogger probs) and two they're just so pretty and they kinda look like they need to be put on display and never used. But you can definitely agree with me that the colours in each palette are absolutely stunning.  After I took these photos I couldn't wait to use each product. Let me know if you want to see reviews or swatches for these products! 

A little added note, yes I know May is not over yet but I feel if I upload a post of beauty products that I've purchased up until now in May I therefore I can't buy any more make up. Sounds like a great idea right? I'll let you know how well that goes...

Have you purchased any of these products? 
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  1. I can't remember ever wanting anything as badly as the Sweet Peach palette, it will be mine! Gorgeous products xxx

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