That Lame Company #WinterBoxofLame

Sunday, December 6, 2015

If you read my last post from That Lame Company you'll know I loved the subscription box that I purchased that they advertised on their online shop, read the post here. So it was only right that I purchased the #WinterBoxofLame. When I bought it, I bought it when it wasn't released what was inside, but I knew I would love it anyway. And I was right. That Lame Company up until the dispatch of the boxes released little clues of what would be included and the more I saw the more excited I became. 

When I got home last week and found that this little gem had arrived, I couldn't wait to open it. Everything included was even better than I expected and if you haven't already purchased a box, I'd get a move on because there's not many left! It came in a lovely packaged box with string wrapped around, with a letter with your name written on it, stuck down with christmassy washtape. Little attention to details such as this make supporting little businesses so worth it. 

I just love how subscription boxes like these are full of things that you will actually use and not full of little things, that although may be cute, you'll never use! If I had to choose my favourite items from this box I would choose the reindeer mirror (how freaking cute?!), the weekly to do list (because who doesn't need one of those) and the Hurray for Coffee art print (because I LOVE coffee, incase you didn't already know). I also love how thick the weekly to do list pad is, so you have at least a couple of months use of the pad and background print so pretty. I already have my art prints on my wall and sent some of the cute Christmas cards!

All in all I love the #WinterBoxofLame and I will continue to support the shop and the lovely Chloe and Charlie!
8 comments on "That Lame Company #WinterBoxofLame"
  1. Ahhh lovely post! Thank you for writing it. Glad you loved the box, it's great to see people enjoying it and seeing which are their favourites :) PS. I love your blogmas posts so far!

    Chloe // Mojichlo xxx

    1. I swear I could never hate a box for you! And thank you Chloe :)

  2. Oh my goodness how amazing does this look! So so so cute and festive x
    Aisling | Aislings beauty bytes

  3. Oh it's all so cute! I love the designs on the cards!

  4. This looks so cute oh my god! I need to check out this subscription box asap :') x

    Darling Jordan || Giveaway