Dear Diary: Don't Give Up

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hiya guys! I know it's been a while since I posted but I've just been so busy. Inthelifeofhan hasn't been as interesting behind the scenes as you may think.

By the time this post will have gone up, I'll have been in work for 9 days straight, which takes it toll. And with it getting darker earlier and earlier every night it's hard to take blog photos (especially when you have none of those blogger lights - new year investment). I'm off for the next couple of weeks, which means I have time to take photos and focus on my blog and get it up and running again. I love blogging and I can't wait to get back into it again. I already have a couple of posts planned, due to some lovely packages that arrived recently, so look out for those! Being organised with blogging is so much harder than I thought. I've recently been given more shifts at work which makes me so happy because that means more make up! I'm in Edinburgh next weekend so I'm so excited for a little break and it gives me the chance to take some photos of the beautiful city. I'm sure like many other bloggers out there, I have questioned whether this is the right thing for me as a hobby or whether it's the wrong time in my life, but then all those thoughts get pushed to the back of my mind when I want to tell you all what I've been loving. And if I think about it carefully, I've always been destined to write about everything I've been loving from my favourite beauty products to my favourites of the month. I have thought of giving up on this blog many times, comparing myself to others is one of the major things I do and this time away from blogging, has helped me teach myself to stop comparing myself to others (harder said than done). Inthelifeofhan's back, alright (Backstreet boys reference if you didn't get it).

I hope you all understand my absence, sometimes life gets in the way. But I'll be back soon, thank you for being patient! 
2 comments on "Dear Diary: Don't Give Up"
  1. Working 9 days straight, you must be exhausted! Having the next couple of weeks off will be awesome though. I think it's good to sometimes take a break from blogging, and come back with a fresh mind about it :)

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog