10 Ways To Relax

Thursday, October 1, 2015
Sometimes I think we all get to carried away with working or studying to hard and forget that we all need to relax once in a while and take time or ourselves. So I thought I would share with you 10 things you can do to relax.

  1. Read your favourite book/series - I always re-read Harry Potter when I feel like relaxing and I don't want a sad or unsettling story. Harry Potter although can be very sad in some parts, I find the whole series such a comfort.
  2. Take time away from social media - As much as I spend the majority of my life on social media, if you want or need to relax being glued to Twitter or Instagram isn't going to help. If need be, turn your phone on silent.
  3. Watch your favourite TV show - I love re-watching my favourite episodes of Castle, there's something so comforting about watching old episodes of your favourite tv show. (I still get excited at the story line although I know what happens).
  4. Go for a walk - There's nothing I love more than wrapping up (obviously during the colder months) and going for a walk and listening to my music and zoning out. I find it a really good stress reliever. 
  5. Clean your room/house - I know, sounds crazy right? But I find it so relaxing cleaning my room, especially when I'm in a cleaning frenzy. Make it more bearable by putting a playlist together of your favourite songs whether they're current or from your teens, dance (and clean) away!
  6. Watch endless videos on youtube - I find I watch old videos of Zoella or the SaconeJoly's to relax or to comfort me when I'm having a tough day. I can't even count how many times I've re-watched old vlogs or videos of theirs. 
  7. Have a bath - Burn those Christmas candles (whether it's July or December) and have a bubble bath using one of those bath bombs you've got stored away.
  8. Read a magazine - This can be such a relaxing thing to do whether in bed or laid on the couch, surrounded by all the blankets in existence. I don't buy alot of magazines myself anymore, as it's all online these days but it's a great way to un-wind and maybe gain inspiration.
  9. Catch up on other blogs - If you're a blogger, you'll know the never ending blog posts you need to catch up on.  I love sitting on the couch and catching up on blog posts by some of my favourite bloggers. Bloglovin is a great way to catch up on posts without missing a post! I find it also a great way to find inspiration for those times were motivation is lacking.
  10. Take a nap - We all deserve a nap and yes we're not toddlers anymore but sometimes we just need a 10 minute nap (more like an hour if not more) to feel that little more refreshed. And yes you may feel even more tired after but it seemed like a good idea at the time. 
If you have your own ways of relaxing, comment below and share them with other people!
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