Lets Talk: Blogging Tips | 1 Year Anniversary

Thursday, July 23, 2015
This is my third post in the Let's Talk series, so I thought I would write a post all about blogging and what I've learnt. First things first I can't believe I've been blogging for a year! I remember making the decision of creating a blog and planning out the first couple of blog posts. I've learnt SO much in the past year and I hope this blog post can help someone else out there, who may be starting a blog.

blogging tips

 10 Bloggings Tips

Plan - In the world of blogging, planning is so important. Planning your content makes blogging a little easier. Writing up blog posts in advance, adding photos later or vice versa. 

Don't focus on traffic - Don't focus on the amount of views you get per day or how many followers you have. I have a very small amount of followers and the most views I have got in a day is probably around 100, which compared to others is a tiny amount. But I try not to focus on the traffic my blog receives. I blog because I love photography, taking pictures of my current favourites or what I have recently bought and sharing it with the world for everyone to read.

Sometimes it will be hard - This can relate back to number 2. There will be some days, were you feel like it isn't worth it, putting all the effort into taking photos and writing the blog posts and not receiving feedback. There will be days were you don't feel motivated at all, nothing is inspiring you and you compare your blog to other blogs. It can be disheartening when you put so much effort and time into your blog and you feel like it isn't being appreciated.

Get Creative - You have to get creative in every sense of the word, whether that's creating a quirky post title to grab more readers, or making your pictures more interesting. Making your pictures more interesting can be as simple as when your reviewing a certain product, try lying it on a few books at an angle, to create visual interest.

Dedicate time to blogging - In my 1 year of blogging, this is probably one of the hardest things I've found to actually do. Blogging although a hobby, can take up a lot of time whether that's taking pictures or writing the blog post itself. It can require you sometimes to be staring at your laptop/computer the whole day. There's some days where I'm at work for the whole day and as bad as it sounds I don't want to come home from work and then start writing blog posts because I'm exhausted. And then when I'm not at work, I may be going out or I just want to chill and catch up on TV. So I will be honest it is hard to find time, in my experience anyway. I know other bloggers who have a full time job or part time job as well as blogging and they fit blogging into their lives, but they also have days were they leave blogging aside for a couple of days. And that's completely fine. My goal is for when I write my 2 year Anniversary blog post, that I feel that I've cracked fitting blogging around my work/life.

You don't need a lot of money to create interesting content - You see a lot of bloggers these days being sent items to review or they purchase items that might not be within your budget and then you feel your inadequate and that your posts won't be as good as theirs. As simple as this sounds, you don't need to spend a crazy amount of money on products to create interesting content. Have a look at my old blog posts and you'll see that the items I've reviewed or talked about aren't that expensive and are affordable for everyone. When I first started this blog, I wanted to show potential readers that there are cheaper alternatives, that you don't have to spend a lot to create the same look. And of course I will sometimes splurge as I'm now earning but I still want to carry on what I set out to do when I started this blog. But pack to the point you can create SO many blog posts without spending money at all. Check out these 2 blog posts that have inspired me in the past! Here and here.

Support fellow bloggers - There's nothing better than supporting fellow bloggers, promoting their posts and introducing your viewers to another wonderful blog. There are many ways you can do this whether it's through Twitter, Instagram or even your blog. I've found many blogs that I love and continue to revisit through other bloggers who have wrote a post all about their favourite bloggers.

Create a space in which you can work - This is probably a more personal choice, depending where you work the best. Although I have a desk/dressing table in my room, I very rarely use it for blogging, 1 Because the internet connection is really bad upstairs and because I feel I concentrate more and I can write really well in the living room. I also have to have the TV on in the background even if it's something like Most Haunted (Which I'm loving atm!) because I can't stand being in a really quiet room. 

Don't put pressure on yourself - If you put to much pressure on yourself you start to lose the love of blogging and it becomes a chore more than a hobby. I have days were I'm not feeling inspired and I don't blog that day. There's nothing worse than trying to force a blog post out of yourself when you're feeling uninspired. Just take a few days away from blogging, watch your favourite TV shows or do something else you love and in a couple of days, you'll be radiating inspiration!

Enjoy the ride  

I hope you enjoyed this post because I loved writing it and trying to get what I've learnt over my one year of blogging in the hope it helps others, who are starting blogging or who are thinking about it. Just a little message though, in no way do I think I'm a pro blogger and that "I know what I'm doing". I'm still learning myself and I'm sure other bloggers who have been blogging for years are still learning things themselves. What have you learnt that has helped you with blogging?
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  1. Your tip on finding a work space is honestly something to live by. I have a desk area that I have been trying to spice up a bit just to inspire me to work. Whether that be placing objects that I love on my desk or creating an inspiration wall where my desk is, it just makes me feel very happy! Congrats on one year xxx


    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post! And thankyou :)

  2. Great tips lovely! Totally agree with the pressure one :) x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

  3. congrats on your 1 year of blogging, keep it up! x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  4. I agree with a lot of what you said, especially the not focusing on traffic and views- it's about so much more than that!


    1. It's easier said than done but you do have to try, that's when you start losing the love for blogging!

  5. I love these tips, i'm really glad that I have just come across your blog.

    Jess x

  6. Amazing tips! Love this!! <3 XO – www.ALYSSA-MAY.com