Lets Talk: Coursework & Assignments

Monday, March 30, 2015

This is one of many Lets Talk posts that I will be uploading, talking about various topics. I thought for my first post, coursework and assignments would be a very good start. Everyone has had to do coursework at some point in their lives either being in school or college. Personally I've done it for around 4 years now and I've come to find ways that help me complete coursework/assignments. I know I can't speak for everyone on this particular subject but with my own experience I work better under pressure. I tend to start my assignment's as soon as I get them, start each section with a brief summary of what that section is about and then revisit them closer to the due in date until I've completed them all. I then go over the whole assignment once I've completed it to check everything makes sense and to see if I could add any more.

One thing I've learnt from previous mistakes is that spending a whole day doing coursework or assignment's will get me nowhere. I end up sitting there for hours on end stressing out because I've got absolutely nothing to show for it. I now give myself up to 4 hours just doing coursework and when those 4 hours are up, I don't do anymore on that particular day. When I'm in college, I'm constantly doing coursework or assignments whether it be in class or during my breaks. As personally, I don't want to be in college from 9-4 and then come home and do even more work, so that's why I do more while at college, so then I can come home and relax.

Due to me also attending college 3 days a week and having a part time job mainly at the weekends alongside that, it's rare I get a day off. So I try to give myself at least 1 day a week to just relax, which is usually spent writing up blog posts and watching TV. Obviously not every week will allow me one day off to relax but I do try to squeeze a day off during the week when I can. Giving yourself time to relax and do the things you love is vital as if you work non stop without giving yourself time to relax, your health may suffer. 

There's a lot more information these days all about stress and anxiety and I only wish when I was in high school that the information we have now was around then. Although I only left high school a couple of years ago, the help people can receive now compared to a couple of years ago has improved so much. I guess the whole point of this particular topic is to somehow maybe help someone who can't get to grips with fitting coursework around college, work and their social lives. It's took me over 4 years of doing coursework and assignments to figure out what is best and works for me! But once you've find what works best for you, everything will seem a lot easier and you'll feel much happier. I hope this has helped at least 1 person and I look forward to writing the next topic!

What motivates you to complete coursework and assignments?
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  1. I am currently in high school and I easily stress over course work/assignments. I find that tackling it as soon as possible in a positive environment really helps.


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  3. Hi, I love your blog. My favorite things are the pictures, but I also like the texts.