The Glam Guide by Fleur De Force

Sunday, March 1, 2015

First off, how pretty is the front cover?! Already knowing about Fleur herself, I think the cover attracted me more than anything and I knew I had to get it. The Glam Guide is by the lovely Fleur De Force is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger and youtuber. She's one of my favourites just because of the fact she's so genuine and so, so lovely. Truth to be told when I saw the title of the book I did think it was going to be another one of those beauty bibles that everyone claims you need in your life but was full of stuff you already know. But oh how wrong I was! This is definitely one of my go to books, with everything from hair style tips to tips on health and fitness. True to it's name it does include sections on beauty and fashion but it also includes every day things, which I think makes me love it more and makes it stand out from the rest.

Some of my favourite sections are the 5 Easy, Hairstyles for everyday, Travel, Health and Fitness and the Introduction section. Each individual section gives amazing tips and makes you want to try out those ideas that Fleur has included right away. I'm sure I'm not the only one but day to day hair styles of a bun, pony tail or leaving your hair down can get boring and predictable. The section includes easy to do hairstyles which can be worn at work, college or school.

I think out of the whole book my favourite section is the travel section. Although I don't get to travel a lot, when I do it, it makes me want to leave life behind and just travel around the world. I'm the kinda person who loves packing before going away and by loves I mean LOVES packing, as I know I'm going somewhere nice and not staying in the same old place (I can't be the only one???) I'm always looking for new travel tips whether it's tips on packing your case (who knew rolling clothes would make life so much easier?!) or skincare while travelling. I love a good skincare tip. 

I'm pretty sure a lot of our New Year Resolutions were to get fit and healthy for Summer and I'm one of those people who didn't stick to it and tbh I never do. The fitness section also helps me with so much, with finding the motivation or different foods and drinks that can help me become fitter and healthier. We've only got one body, so we might as well look after it!

The Introduction section is towards the back and Fleur explains how a lot of people contacted her about self confidence and tips on how to love yourself. For someone like me who has little self confidence this section is so helpful on how to build self confidence and how to believe in yourself. I'm constantly struggling with self confidence but I'm getting better and I always reach for Fleur's book and read this section, if I'm feeling particularly down.

I'm a huge fan of Fleur as it is, but I cant praise this book enough. It also makes a great coffee table read!

Have you bought The Glam Guide? What did you think?
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