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Blogger Event: Emmerdale Studio Experience

Monday, August 28, 2017

This blog post is long over due. Not by a couple months, no, I'm talking back in October last year. Yeah, nearly a year on. Honestly, I don't know where this year has gone. Before you go in at me for leaving it one whole year before I finally wrote this post hear me out. Back last year when I attended an event at the Emmerdale Studio Experience I was in a weird phase of blogging. I didn't have the inspriration or the motivation to sit down and type up blog posts like there's no tomorrow. Don't get me wrong I hadn't really fallen out of love with it I just didn't know what to post. I didn't want to post anything to do with beauty because I had no new products or current products that I was using for that matter that I wanted to talk about. I started writing lifestyle posts last year just to see if I could actually write them and make them sound interesting and amazingly I actually enjoyed them. Blogging is a sort of diary of some sorts and sometimes it's so good to get your feelings out in a blog post. Don't get me wrong I still love make up (probably even more so this year that ever) and I still love the beauty posts or many of the other genres but I prefer to write lifestyle ones myself. And that was hard when there wasn't really that much lifestyle wise to talk about. Or there was I suppose but I didn't wanna talk about it on my blog.

Anyway, let's get into the actual topic of this blog post. I did actually start typing it up when I got home the day after but because I was in my blogging rut I couldn't even get once sentence to make sense so here I am, nearly a year later, FINALLY typing it up. So back last October, Bridie was invited to the Emmerdale Studio Experience blogger event and there was room for a lil plus 1 so I obviously jumped at the chance. It was actually a manic day because I was in work, I luckily managed to get an early finish and I had no choice but get ready at work which was fun when you're dressed up for an event and everyone is looking at you looking wondering why you're all dressed up at a play centre. I practically ran for the train and I had a mini panic thinking I wasn't going to make it for the start of the tour but luck must of been on my side because I made it just in time. Me and Bridie was probably more excited than anyone else who was on the tour but us Emmerdale fans gotta represent haven't we. We first had a catch up in the café before we was taken into a room with a very cinematic feel and shown a clip of various iconic scenes from Emmerdale over the years. Being avid fans we recognised pretty much every single scene. No shame.

We was then taken onto the next stage of the tour which showed exactly how scenes basically come about. Until you see storylines coming to life, littles doodles of scenes and small models of those scenes you don't realise how much actually goes into each scene, down to exactly where the character will be standing. We then made our way through to the costume department. The outfits immediately were recognisable to those who have watched Emmerdale recently. There was also props to the side, each belonging to different characters in the show, some also instantly recognisable and easily matched with their characters.

Next up was the dressing room in which all the make up is applied to cast members. A fair amount of time is spent in the dressing room, getting each actor into their character and ready for what scene they will be filming. A few secrets were spilled and I think I can safely say I don't think anyone was shocked at finding out the boys take longer than the girls in the dressing room!

We then made our way into a long corridor with one wall of shelves with an array of items from over the years. If you looked really closely you could spot little hidden gems that your eyes aren't immediately drawn to. One of them being Donna Windsor's order of service. Her death still makes me emotional to this day so let's quickly move on. Amongst these little trinkets were also signs that have been used in the show previously and continue to be used, including a sign for Hotten Crown Court. Which in true soap form is a constantly reoccurring sign. It's interesting to see how many props they actually use and how many little details are added into each scene, down to little random trinkets that match up to the characters personality. You don't realise when watching from your couch at home how much detail is added!

We was then taken to the editorial part of the tour starting off with an exact replica of Bernice's Salon. This is where we had the chance to have a play around with the lighting to see which lighting works best for certain scenes. The actual sets look so much bigger in real life compared to how small they look on screen. Being able to change the lighting to see what affect it gave on certain areas of the set, being able to see different camera angles and getting the chance to record our own video message (Which my awkward soul didn't take part in) is a really great insight into how much time and skill is putting into editing each scene for us then to see the the final, clean, end product on TV.

Now onto probably my favourite part of the tour. The iconic Dingle house. The Dingle family is one of the most popular families on the show who you can't help put love each member of Dingle family no matter they're history. The Dingle clan are known for their many illegal ventures, punch ups and over all bad luck where ever they go. But there's not denying this iconic living room is such a cosy and loveable area were most Dingle crisis meetings take place. This particular set is exactly like it's shown on the TV. All mismatched, no theme will be seen in this particular living room but it looks so lived in, comfy and cosy, kinda like if you ever needed to get away you could come up to Lisa's and just plonk yourself down on the couch with that well loved rainbow throw.

We was then directed to a room which was full of props that help create some of the special affects that have been shown in the show. This is to enhance the scene, to enhance the emotions of not only the characters but for us viewers at home. After we was shown how some machines work, to enhance those feelings. We was then shown a video which included some of those iconic scenes in which these special affects helped to create the suspense in those scenes and keep the audience gripped. They showed the iconic underwater Woolpack siege, the helicopter crash and the multi car pile up crash last October. These big story lines are the ones that require more equipment and all the props you can imagine to create those emotions and feelings that the show want us to feel when watching those particular scene.

It had then come to the end of the tour and we was guided into a replica of The Woolpack. It was so weird to sit, have a drink and eating samples of fish and chips and various other little bits exactly were some of my favourite characters have sat many of times. All good things have to come to an end and what better way than to end it by having a little pit stop at David's shop full off all the Emmerdale & Yorkshire goodies. As always I tell myself I won't spend any money on things I don't need but I ended up walking out of the shop with the warmest fleece I will ever own along with a postcard of the Emmerdale Village and some fudge for my mum. We also was given a little goody bag which was a lovely thing to receive!

Thanks so much to Nikki for inviting us and giving us dedicated fans a chance a real insight into how much goes into creating Emmerdale and some of those scenes we've come to know and love. It is 100% worth the visit and I will definitely be returning, hopefully sometime soon. If you're looking to visit the Studio Experience visit for more information.

P.S I do apologise for the HUGE delay on this blog post but I hope you liked reading about my experience at the the Studio Experience! Now I'm off to catch up on some TV, over and out. 

The Pressure of Life

Thursday, January 26, 2017

I feel like I'm failing in pretty much every aspect of my life. Although, for once I'm not failing on the friends front. But in every other aspect of my life, I just feel like I'm a failure. Work. Health. You name it.

I see other people on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, mainly that seem to have the perfect life, the perfect job, the perfect home life etc, etc. And yes before you comment, the majority of us only upload our best bits to social media, I know this, I do. But this doesn't stop me from feeling deflated and feel like I'm not achieving everything I should of achieved by now.

I feel it's because this Summer I'm turning 21 and it's hit me how I've achieved nothing I wanted to do when I was younger. And I know it's very rare that a job you wanted when you was 13 is still your dream job years later, but everywhere I look people are doing things with their lives. They're settled, they're in relationships, some have even started families (although that's not what I want at this moment in my life), they have careers that they love. And I envy them. I do. And as much I try not to, I can't help it. I've never had a proper relationship and that's one of the thoughts that looms over me constantly. Does that make me weird? That I'm turning 21 soon and I still haven't had a proper boyfriend? Somewhere inside, I know it isn't weird but there's still a part of me that does. 

I'm stuck in a job I don't particularly love. But it allows me to see my friends and make memories and go on holiday, which is what I try to focus on when things are getting particularly frustrating. I still remember feeling over the moon when I got this job, oh how times change. Floristry has always been a passion of mine, even when I was in high school. Something about flowers being dotted around the house, the various types and colours of flowers and the smell is something I've always loved. I studied Floristry at college and then went onto study Business (although that course wasn't what I thought it was about) and whether it's because I was going through a tough time or jobs in Florist's are very hard to come by, I fell out of love with it. And it's only recently that I miss it and want to do something about it. I just wish it was easier said than done.

I don't even know how to really describe how I feel other than detached from life I guess? I don't know may be that's too deep for how I'm feeling but I feel if I was succeeding more in life, I'd be happier? I know that sounds stupid because anyone could have the most perfect job and all the money in the world and still feel unhappy, but that's how I see it from my point of view, were I don't feel successful. 

I do apologise for the rambly post but I feel everyone at one point feels like this? I probably could of worded this whole post better and maybe a little bit more professionally but I do like these kinda posts. In which feelings and words just pour out and make you feel a little better. I debated whether to post this or not, not sure whether a rambly post should ever make it onto my blog but friends said I should post it and well here it is. I hope someone, somewhere feels the same as I do sometimes because I'm sure I'm not alone. 

I'm not saying I'll never feel like this again, because no doubt I will, but something I know I should take from this post is that I need to stop feeling like I need to be on the same path and doing the same things at the exact same time as everyone else. At the end of the day, a number is just a number and just because I'm turning 21, doesn't mean I should have my life together. My age is my age and my life is my life. My journey shouldn't match anyone else's and that I should revel in the differences and enjoy where I am in my life at the moment. There's so much pressure on everyone to achieve certain things by a certain age and I think sometimes we just need to take a step back and realise that the way our life has mapped out up until now is for a reason entirely unknown to us right now, that we should never take life for granted and live in the moment. 

Now I'm off to get an early night (lol what are those). Over and Out.

2016, You've Treated Me Well

Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 has been a year full of changes for the world. A racist, sexist, idiotic man is going to run one of the biggest countries in the world, Brexit happened and only happened because people voted leave for the fun of it, never thinking their vote would make a difference. I don't even have words. Many icons left us, people leave us every year, but when icons such as George Michael, Prince and Alan Rickman, to name a few leave us, I think we're all reminded life is so precious and we should never take it for granted. 2016 obviously hasn't been the worst year in history, but it does seem like the whole year was just one tragic event after another, after another. It was like something would happen, everyone was thinking "this can not get any worse" and then bam, it did, again and again. Personally, 2016 was a mixture of good and bad moments. 

Every year I've spent New Years Eve counting down the seconds to the upcoming year, hoping and praying it would be better than the last. And although I'm excited for the endless possibilities and new adventures in 2017, I don't want this year to end. 2016 marks the year that everything fell into place.

The last 6 months have been a whirlwind full of special moments spent with people that I now, can't imagine life without. The months January to June, don't hold much memories for me and were pretty much non existent. July kicked off with me and my family going to Turkey, hoping to enjoy the sun and just be away from day to day life. But then we became ill for the majority of it and obviously we just wanted to come home, just totally ruined the holiday. It was a shame because the hotel and views were so beautiful, but there's nothing worse than being ill and bed bound while on holiday. And then 16th July came around and my life changed. 16th July will always hold a special place in my heart. That day was the day I met my best friends. I talked about the days events in this blog post here in more detail. The rest of the Summer consisted of endless trips to Leeds, now my home away from home, spending time with friends, eating our weight in chips, hourly trips to Tesco and begging the local Indian to use their loo. Ah the memories.

Fast forward to October which was without a doubt one of the worst but best month of the whole year. My grandma sadly passed away at the beginning of the month. And as you can imagine, if you've ever lost someone, it broke my heart. She'd been ill for a while and watching your relative in pain, suffering everyday, there's nothing you want more than for them to be at peace. There's many people that think that when you're told that your relative is dying that it somehow prepares you for when they do pass away. But in my personal experiences, it never makes it easier. It's still a great comfort for me that I ended up being there when she peacefully, passed away. This was probably the first Christmas since I lost my grandad that I just wanted the day to be over. Everyone knows how much I love Christmas but we pretty much spent the whole day in silence. It's the first Christmas in which I've had no grandparents to send a card to or go to visit and even after Christmas is technically over, I'm still finding that hard to get my head around. And I think I always will. We're planning on having a second Christmas dinner to make up for our actual one, over the New Year weekend. And yes pigs in blankets round 2 is happening. Hell yeah. The best part of October was being able to attend the Halloween ball which was in memory of Isaac Maley and in aid of Once Upon A Smile. I got to spend a whole night with my best friends while raising money for an incredible charity. Such a special and memorable night to be a part of.

I've always found it hard to make friends who supported me in everything I did, who had similar interests to myself and who treated me like friends should. I was bullied for the whole of my high school years so I guess that experience always stuck with me and with the things I'd been made to believe, I just gave up on having friends and accepted that I was going to be one of those people who went about life with no friends. So for me it's so weird that I finally have friends that I can rely on 100%. And god, as soppy as it sounds and I'll probably never live this down, I love them SO much. I know this friendship will last a lifetime, because it's different. And it feels different.

It's so crazy to say that I met my friends through a soap. Without Danny Miller and Ryan Hawley, I wouldn't be writing this blog post right now, it's as simple as that. I've said this so many times, that I've lost count but I owe them everything and so much more. Their on screen relationship changed my life and introduced me to people who were once strangers. It's crazy to think that if I hadn't seen Bridie's tweet about the goings on in Emmerdale and realised someone else loved Emmerdale as much as I did and if I hadn't been on twitter that night, things could be so different. 

"Everything happens for a reason" is a quote I've always tossed around, believing in it, but never really believing in it, if you understand. Everything that has happened, every little tiny thing that has happened to me, lead me to this moment. As cringy and cliche as it sounds, it's true. You're put into situations through out your life to test how strong you are and to prove that you can make it through anything. And although my teenage years were nothing but bad memories, in a weird way I'm grateful for how everything turned out. If I hadn't gone through what I did, I wouldn't be who I am now. I am a totally different person to who I was 5 or 6 years ago. I'm so much more confident and I'm no longer afraid to stand up for myself. Although at the time it was the last thing I wanted, I am so happy those friendships didn't work out. 

I hit no blog milestones, I haven't worked with multiple companies and have blog posts and products to prove it. But you know what? To me it doesn't even matter. I let my blog go this year, because I decided to put my happiness first and blogging just became stressful and I found myself comparing my blog to others and that's not what I want my blogging experience to be about. 2017 will be the year I put more effort and time into blog, get fitter and heathier and I look forward to all the adventures the year will bring. 2017 is going to be my year and I will make sure of it. 

I hope everyone enjoys the last hours of 2016 however you're celebrating, whether you're going out or staying in. My last few hours will be spent with an Indian, trying to eat all the food and drink all the alcohol left over from Christmas while watching Harry Potter and watching the countdown surrounded by my loved ones. Over and Out.

October Blues

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Yes this is me, actually uploading a blog post. I know, shocking right?! While everyone else is attending firework displays, I'm sat indoors, with the fire on, catching up on Most Haunted's Halloween Special. Rock and Roll. To be fair, I'm not feeling 100% so being in front of the fire, all nice and warm is heaven right now. 

It feels so weird writing a post actually because it was August the last time I posted on my blog. I've just not felt like blogging, I've had things to blog about but just not been able to put into words when I've come to type it up. As every blogger knows, it's so frustrating when you feel motivated and inspired but then nothing what you type makes sense and you end up throwing a strop and sitting in front of the TV annoyed with everything and anything. 

So much has happened in the month of October that I couldn't not write a post about it. By the title of this post you can tell I'm already missing the month of October. So many more memories were created and they was all spent with my best friends. 

Kicking off the month of October was a gig of a previous X-Factor contestant, Jake Quickenden. We originally planned it for us to go out and do something which wasn't Emmerdale related but in the end we had such a good night. Many laughs were shared, many tears shed and many hugs received. It's weird, but I felt it brought us all that little bit closer together.

Only a couple of days later some of us (the idiots that we are) decided to go and support Emmerdale at the Inside Soap Awards in London. 5 of us mega bussed it, spreading ourselves out on the back row, no doubt annoying the hell out of all the other passengers. It also gave us the excuse to go visit London, something that we don't get to do. In the end only a few of the Emmerdale cast attended the awards but us fans went to represent and we ended up on Emmerdale's Twitter page (please don't ask). Although, hello I'm famous (insert sassy emoji). 

The month of October also brought my first blogger event! Events and the like what come along with being a blogger are non existent with me, but I was kindly invited by Bridie as her plus one to the Emmerdale Studio Experience Exclusive Blogger Event. Never did I think my two worlds would collide, but they did and I got to spend it with 3 people I've met through the show. Such a special evening, for that reason alone. There will be an entire blog post dedicated to the event very soon.

Speaking of soaps, Emmerdale had their Super Soap Week a couple of weeks ago and if you didn't watch it, you definitely missed out. I often think soaps especially, the likes of Emmerdale are dismissed as old people's programmes, something pensioners watch before they go to bed but it's so much more than that. And soap week 100% proved that. The acting was even more phenomenal than it usually is and they filmed the whole week with different, high quality cameras, giving the whole lead up and the aftermath a cinematic feel. I personally felt like I was watching a film rather than a soap set in Yorkshire that definitely doesn't have the Hollywood budget. I was an emotional mess throughout the entire week and tbh I'm still not fully recovered.

Tying up the end of October was Halloween weekend. The weekend myself and my friends had been planning for, for months. The night was made memorable for so many reasons, but the main one being spending the night in a room full of of such brave and inspirational people. Halloween for me, is usually spent working and then coming home and dreading the amount of children who may knock on the door. So getting to spend it at a charity event, raising a lot of money that will help so many families, made this Halloween the best one yet. 

Now I'm off to mourn October and watch documentaries on Netflix. Over and Out.

What made you happy this month?

Dear Diary: Thoughts Over Coffee

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I'm a huge lover of personal posts, no matter what they're about. Whether it's about something someones been through or just a little post updating everyone on what they've been up to. I find them so interesting and thinking about it I probably love them more than the beauty posts. So I decided to add a Dear Diary series to my blog, where I can talk about various topics that interest me or sharing with you guys what I've been getting up to. So grab yourself a drink and some snacks and prepare yourselves because this post is deffo gonna get deep. 

The other day, I was sat in Starbucks (so white girl of me, I know) watching people get on with their lives, people on their way to work or meeting up friends. Then I found my mind wandering as you do when you're sipping coffee and I found myself thinking about my experience with friends, the struggles I went through and how finally, after years of having nobody, I now have people I can call my best friends. 

So here I am, writing this post, actually feeling kinda sick while writing it. 

If you asked me a couple of months ago what was the one thing I've always wanted more than anything, I wouldn't even need to think about it. I'd automatically respond with friends. Because friends are something I've never had. I've never felt included, wanted or loved within a group of people before. I reached the grand old age of 20 before I found my best friends. I know so many people who have kept friends from high school, even primary school and I could never wrap my ahead around it. Like how can you be friends with the same people for so long?! Because my experience was just so different to everyone else's. My primary school experience wasn't the best, I had my fair share of nasty comments thrown in my direction and I wasn't treated very nicely. I thought high school would be different, as cliche as it sounds I thought it would be like those American movies, ya know the movies I'm on about. Where everyone got on and you did everything with your best friends (I'm laughing at how wrong I was, oh bless 11 year old me). I suppose I was deluded or stupid in a way, but my naive self thought everyone was as nice and pleasant as me. High school was the worst time of my life and I'd never wish it on my worst enemy. Nobody should have to go to school each day, not knowing what was going to be said behind their back, bending over backwards to keep those people happy so they had nothing bad to say about you, only to go home and just cry every night because why you? Why does everyone hate you? 

Looking back, I honestly don't know how I managed to go day to day without telling someone. My parents knew what was happening, but I never told any teachers. I had to stop my parents going into school so many times in the fear it would only get worse. While all this was going on I had my GCSE's to revise for which is a stressful time anyway without everything else I was going through on top of it. I was making myself ill, my physical and mental health was badly affected and I just remember counting down the days until I left school for good.

Although I counted down the days until I left, everything that had happened still continued to affect me after school. I was convinced and made to believe that everything happened was my fault, that I was the bad one and I carried that around with me for years. I know deep down none of it was my fault but I used look back sometimes and wonder, was it me? Was there something I could of done different? Could I have been nicer? And the real answer is no. 

So that's the deep stuff out the way, now onto the happy part of this blog post. Be prepared to feel all the feels.

If you haven't read my previous post, just over a month ago I was added into a group chat of people who were attending one of the Once Upon A Smile charity football matches. And it feels crazy to be even typing the sentence but that group of people, who were once complete strangers are now my best friends. 

Never in a million years did I think I would utter those words. It still feels kinda surreal, like I'm going to wake up and it's all a dream and I'll just go back my old life as such. (I'm sorry that was really cheesy, I do apologise). But it's true, I'm so used to being treated like rubbish I'm just waiting for something bad to happen and for life to go back the old days.

But you know what really gets me down? I finally find people who I have something in common with, who I love more than anything and I can't see them every week because they live everywhere. I can't just phone them up and be like "meet at revs in 1hr" because it would take at least 3 hours for everyone to get here. Damn distance. Why is teleportation not a thing???

Don't get me wrong, our group chat is always going off and we're all always talking about what's going on and updating each other on everything, but when we do meet up and we do get to see each other, it does makes it extra special and we all hug one another that bit closer.

As I'm writing this we're all discussing the deets for next week when we reunite and it just makes me so happy. I'm so happy and that's another thing I never thought I would say. I never thought I'd feel this happy and I never thought I'd have best friends. But there's one person that without them, I wouldn't be this happy and I definitely wouldn't have the best friends that I do. So, Danny Miller if you're reading this (which you probably aren't), thank you, I will never be able to tell you how grateful I am that you, Robron and Sidley brought us all together. I owe you everything and more. 

Wow that was extremely soppy, I think that's my queue to leave. I'm off to have some yogurt and watch the Olympics. Over and out.

P.S - To all those people out there, who are alone, who feel like they'll never have someone they can call a best friend, listen to me when I tell you, your time will come. Trust me. If you ever need to talk my twitter is @inthelifeofhan. 

Dear Diary: Once Upon A Smile & Friends

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

I debated whether to post this post or not. I'd class myself as a lifestyle blogger, who blogs about a variety of things. So that obviously includes life posts, what I do behind the scenes or talking about what I got up to one particular day. I've watched Emmerdale for years but I just never tweeted about it, thinking no-one was interested and that no-one loved Emmerdale as much as I do. How wrong was I??? Me and Bridie have been friends ever since The Wanted came about and low and behold, she started tweeting about Emmerdale and I finally found someone who I could talk about it with. And then the lovely Liz, a fellow Emmerdale stan randomly tweeted me after noticing one of my tweets (probably my tweets about Emmerdale). Can you believe she lives in the same town as me?! We literally live 20 minutes away from each other, CRAY CRAY. So through knowing Liz she told me about a charity football match that some other fans were going to, asked me if I wanted to go and to see if Bridie would be interested. And as cliche as it sounds, the rest is history.

So on Saturday, Danny Miller (who plays Aaron) hosted one of many charity matches for Once Upon A Smile. A charity that him and Daniel Jillings founded back in 2011, you can find out more about OUAS here. Before the match, a group chat was created with all the people who was going on the day, so we could all chat beforehand and we soon adopted the name d squad. And little did I know this group of people would become my closest and best friends. We all met on for the first time on Saturday and it honestly felt like we had been friends for 20 years and had decided to meet up for a coffee. 

The whole day was just a crazy whirl wind of meeting friends, meeting and making new friends. And the most important part was that everyone who bought a ticket, who watched the match or the people who took photos spreading the word of OUAS, contributed to raising money for charity. And it's such a great feeling knowing in some way you contributed to such a great cause, while having a great time with friends. So many cute little moments happened on Saturday and since and tbh I could write a whole other blog post on it but I won't bore you will all the details! 

It really warms my heart how much time Danny spent with everyone on Saturday. Making sure everyone had photos and taking time to do some videos for fans who couldn't be there. Not many celebs these days will do that, spend so much time with their fans, thanking us all for coming all that way and thanking us for supporting something that's so close to their heart. You can tell how much love Danny has for his fans and I'm so grateful as of many other people will be.

So that was my short version of what happened on Saturday and I'll be seeing him again along with a few of my friends this Sunday. If you want to keep updated, follow me over on Twitter @ inthelifeofhan! Now, I'm off to eat pizza and watch Eat Well For Less. Over and out. 

From England To Turkey, And Back

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Guys, I'm back! The family and I travelled to Antalya in Turkey for a lil' week away and some much needed sun and relaxation. We stayed at the Voyage Belek Golf&Spa Resort and it was SO beautiful. It was a huge resort and there was plenty to do, from bowling, mini golf and there was even a few water slides on the resort. We even had a beach on our door step. Like hello? Paradise calling. So, if you wanna have a little nosy at my pictures, keep scrolling!

Unfortunately we was all ill for the majority of the holiday so it put a huge damper on the holiday. But we're all okay, I came back with a tan and a love for peach flavoured drinks, so lyf is good. I do regret just staying on the resort and not venturing outside and visiting the markets and the shops. If we would of been there longer than a week or we hadn't of been ill we would of definitely explored more.

It was so hot, the kinda hot that when you're sunbathing by the pool and you just get comfy, start reading your book or listen to some music and then the sweat starts dripping down your face. Waiters every so often would come round (on roller blades may I add, how freaking cool) with mocktails which were SO refreshing. We went all inclusive, which we haven't done for years and tbh it wasn't the best decision we've made as a family. We love eating out so being on holiday and getting to visit the various restaurants is what we love. But it was the same food all day, everyday... literally. And there's only so many times a girl can each chips for dinner and tea for 7 days. Yes... I said that. So although I loved the sun and not having to turn the work alarm off, I couldn't wait to get home, to my own bed, english good and home comforts.

I'm not as sad about being back in England as I probable should be, due to seeing a huge group of friends on Saturday to go see our fave (Danny Miller) and a few other famous faces play footie, all in the name of charity! So that has made coming home a lot easier.

And on that note, I'm going to sign off, try to recover from tonight's Emmerdale episode (holy hell what an ep) and catch up on the TV I missed! Over and out.